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The Chaise L’amour Sex Chair

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the epicurean choice

  • You don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy a Chaise L’amour.

  • A wide variety of sexual positions are possible.

  • Allows easy and intimate access to a partner in a multitude of positions.

  • Oral sex can be performed in a variety of different positions.

  • When sat facing partner both hands are free for intimate caresses.

  • Both participants can straddle the chaise without straining at the knee or hip.

  • Can support both partners during love making.

  • Stable under vigorous use, it won't collapse or rock.

  • When in the reclined position your back is fully supported.

  • Support at the hip when knelt at the front or bent over at the rear.

  • Comfortable and robust construction.

  • Suitable for people with mobility issues.

  • Suitable for couples of any age.

  • Compliments your other bedroom and lounge furniture.

  • Available in a range of materials and colours.

  • It is a contemporary & attractive item of furniture which is adaptable to any room.

  • Comfortable to sit on and simple relax, read a book or even watch TV. 


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There are many BENEFITS to using the Chaise L’amour Sex Chair some of which are listed below:

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"The Chaise L'amour is a luxury sex chair which compliments any room"

"Young or Mature The Best Sexual  Experiences You Will Ever Enjoy"